JVG House

Five years took us here. A long way since we started at the living room of founder J.Vallejo, looking short when considering almost 200 clients or +400 projects, awarded at Cannes Lions, Art Directors Club or The One Show among others.

And we want more. So, we are proud to present our biggest step forward with JVG House, a game-changing new headquarters featuring +1000 sqm of natural space, +100 sqm of client’s lounge, 7 different outdoor areas, a pool dug in the rocks and three times working space. All that located at the very highest spot of Madrid providing 360º uninterrupted views of the city.





Designed by a state-of-the-art architectural firm of Madrid with the mountain as the actual foundation. All the structures are built on and in-between the rocks; sharp white edges in contrast with the rough shapes of the nature.

More than 50 different vegetable species fill the place including holm oaks, large redwoods, olive trees, holly trees and strawberry trees. With 7 outdoors areas located at 5 different heights, finding a peaceful spot is somehow easy.

Above the street-level, a pool dug in the rocks welcomes you and the hot Madrid summers. Placed in front of the main building reflecting its façade, adds another layer of texturing to the whole place.